Aaannndd I’m out.

just like that, I’m gone.
I’m heading to Colorado! I’m super stoked for such a long road trip. A buddy and I are driving towards Denver.

I must note though, my only mistake was to rely on other people for certain things before my trip.

A big part of me now wishes I was not planing to return to DE.. Since my circle of people I trusted had been so small, we could split a dime (10 cents) and had equal shares.. I didn’t expect anyone to do me dirty, but of course.. There’s always a rotten apple hanging on by a thread.. I was ready for at least one person to bail on me, but not another systematic failure of a support group. God damn you guys are lucky I didn’t have a full blown mental breakdown.. Everyone would have failed me, I would have failed holding myself accountable, and all our lives would have been changed for the worst.

Thanks for the support guys.. It’s really means a lot to know my ppls got my back.. The one fkn time I need something.. And given a week in advance, u still fck me.

Grr any how, yea I’m about to be out.

I’m out of patience.
I’m out of time.
I’m out of energy.
I’m out of friends.
I’m out of Delaware.

When I get back, and act like I don’t know you, It’s because you don’t know me.

Keepin It In The Wrapper – The Cuppp

Album Title: Keepin It In The Wrapper

Produced by MostHatedOnlineDate: 2010

Might Be Me - The Cuppp feat B Fretz(The Cuppp & B Fretz)
The 13th Friday - The Cuppp feat Gzus(The Cuppp & Gzus)
Angels Fallin - The Cuppp feat Gzus, B Fretz(The Cuppp, Gzus & B Fretz)
You Don't Love Me - The Cuppp feat Gzus(The Cuppp & Gzus)