Wrapping Up October.

Wrapping up October, I want to point out a few things.

First, Registrations are open to the public, however, the confirmation email will not be sent. I get at least 5 to 50 bots that sign up every day. If you do not contact me, I will not activate your account.

Our MUSIC Section is now up and running. I’m tossing around some different ways to use the  media player, so if the page changes on you, and/or things are not working, its because I’m currently working on it, and I’ll sort things out soon. Hit refresh in a few minutes, or use the home link and try again.

I’ve added a couple Landscaping pictures. There was an issue with displaying images that where taller, than wide.. I’ve got that working, so I will be adding to that in the future as well.

Anyone want to start blogging here? I’ve got the perfect space for it. Upload/Record Video and Pictures directly to your blog. Contact me.

Things are rapidly changing on the site. I’ve been doing some networking, trying to bring some others to the site. Stay tuned.


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